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Our Philosophy — Protect and Enhance

Dignity, Respect and Autonomy

It is our belief and practice that it is our responsibility to protect and enhance the functional capabilities and autonomy of our residents. We accomplish this by tailoring our care programs to each individuals’ capacities and needs using interpersonal contact and behavioral therapies. Accordingly, we provide only as much assistance as is actually required for each resident allowing them to maintain as much independence as possible.


The safety of our residents is always of utmost importance — protecting them (and our staff) from injury and harm. We train our staff in appropriate strategies that protect the residents and staff, while simultaneously maintaining dignity and respect for all.


We firmly believe that having fun is a vital part of care program for all our residents and all our caregivers too.   Having fun turns simply existing into enjoyable living.

We train our staff in the following heart-based skills…

• ensure safety and security

• bolster a sense of self-worth

• validate feelings

• improve quality of life

• respect others

• stimulate memory

• encourage meaningful activity

• calm, comfort and reassure

• promote a healthy lifestyle