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Our Lifestyle — Healthy, Active & Fun!

Optimum health happens at every age

Research in health promotion has documented the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle. A growing body of evidence clearly indicates that healthy behaviors play a major role in preventing disease, postponing disability and improving quality of life for all age groups, including older adults.

To achieve that, we are constantly moving towards an ever “Greener” home. Many facilities cost-cut by purchasing conventional chemical laden products and highly processed cheaper foods. Our philosophy is different… we believe that natural products and organic food are key to optimum health, for us personally and for our residents.

We Celebrate Life!

We love holidays and celebrate many throughout the year, providing our residents with a familiar annual rhythm of life. Birthday celebrations happen throughout the year. We also invite relatives to our Christmas party, making it the biggest grandest event of each year. Take a look at some of our typical events below:

90th Birthday





Cut the Cake

Valentines Day Preparations

Easter Egg Hunt

Goblins and Ghosties

Thanksgiving Dinner

Trim the Tree

Music Time

Victorian Dickens Carolers

Gifts for All

Shake Hands with Santa

Look What I Got!

Flower Garden Outing

The Tulip Festival

We are committed to:


  • Environmentally (and people) friendly cleaning products
  • Non-toxic, top quality personal care products, soaps and laundry supplies
  • Option to switch to higher quality vitamins and supplements for optimum assimilation
  • Organic fruits & vegetables whenever possible
  • Diet plans high in natural fruits and vegetables; low in sugar and salt
  • Healthy snacks — no “junk” food!
  • Elimination of highly processed foods from diet
  • Whole fruit/veggie smoothie drinks

By following this approach, we have seen dramatic improvements in the chronic conditions of many of our residents. For example, improved eyesight and coordination, pain free walking, increased alertness, healthier skin and more restful sound sleeping.

Additional Amenities

All staff speak fluent English

24-hour awake staff

Private rooms

Home cooked meals served family style

Personalized diet plans

Barber and hairdresser services

Assisted bathing


› grab bars

› handicap accessible roll-in showers

› raised toilet seats

Onsite trained Therapy Dog

Pedicures and manicures

Resident activities such as:

› music

› games

› memory stimulation

› range of motion exercises

Holiday celebrations such as:

› Valentines Day

› 4th of July

› Thanksgiving dinner, family included

› Christmas with visiting carolers

› Birthdays