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Caring is what we do best…

Residents flourish in our home. Our staff are committed to enhancing the quality of life of each individual resident — promoting independence, dignity and pride. We encourage residents to interact with others to their highest potential.

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Big Santa Love

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Core Training for All Our Caregivers:

“You don’t work for us in our facility.
You work for our residents, in their home!

– Joy Wu, RN, Owner/Operator, Garden View RCF

We Care

The heart of what makes us special is just that, our heart-based care giving. We care deeply about each and every one of our residents — when they come to live here we consider them family.


We Listen

We listen carefully to our residents and their family to understand their unique history and care requirements. We are committed to this as an ongoing process.


We Focus

We focus on the specific needs and abilities of each resident. Each customized care plan includes activities, food preferences, pets, etc. Our goal is for our residents to be well cared for and happy!

Experienced Care For…

• Dementia

• Alzheimer’s

• Diabetes

• Stroke

•  Cancer

•  Depression

•  Parkinson’s

•  Hospice

•  Chronic Pain

•  Exit Seeking

•  Osteoporosis

•  Cronic Heart Failure

Our Proactive Approach

We provide a community that supports a proactive approach  to prevent disease and postpone further disability. By gently and consistently encouraging our residents towards more healthy behaviors we regularly see noticeable improvements in our residents.

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Individualized Care

We tailor each residents day-to-day care according to their individual requirements. We also organize activities according to each residents interests and capabilities, encouraging them to participate in activities that they will enjoy.

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Drop Me a Line

If you have questions about our facility or if you’re simply looking for a good home for someone, please call or send me an email. Even if we don’t have space currently, we do keep in touch with what is available elsewhere in our area. We can often help you locate a top quality  caring home.